The Death of the Queue & the Rise of Contactless Retail

It’s 1921. To do your weekly shop; you visit the greengrocer, butcher, bakery, fishmonger, dry goods and general store. You wait as the attendant collects your items. A decade later the self-service, all-in-one supermarket arrives, bringing along the shopping trolley with it. Still, you wait as the attendant checks your items.

More recently self-scan checkouts, click & collect and home delivery have become the norm. Quicker and easier, but the issue remains: you wait. A century or so later, the solution may have finally arrived. If the opening of Amazon’s 29th Go store on its second continent didn’t convince you, MVPro’s Writer, Joel Davies, has five companies that might change your mind.

Read the full article on page 26 in the 25th edition of MVPro Media magazine.

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