Guinness Pro14: What’s Left to Play For

(Photo By John Dickson/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

As 2020 hobbles to a close and 2021 hints at a better year, we look at what’s left of a discarded leftover from a time that seems long ago: the Guinness Pro14.

The Pro12-cum-Pro14-cum-Pro12 again, began the 2020/21 season in October but in March it will end early, and the Rainbow Cup will begin April 17. The South African Bulls, Sharks, Stormers, and Lions will join Dragons, Ospreys, and Zebras amongst nine other teams in what might’ve been better named the Zoo Cup.

It’s unknown whether the additional Cup will encourage growth, or damage the teams involved but, it certainly changes what’s left of this variant of the Pro14 season.

Read on here, where the article lives permanently.

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