Pre-21st Century Film Reviews: An Introduction.

One day I sat down with my partner to watch Top Gun. It was a movie she had suggested, having watched it years before, remembering it to be excellent. After thirty minutes of jets, arrogant chatter and cringe-inducing serenading, she turned to me and said, ‘I think this is the wrong film, it’s supposed to be about military lawyers.’ And thus far, it really wasn’t. After a swift google, we discovered we were meant to have watched A Few Good Men, but the marketing of Tom Cruise in military uniform was uncanny. We pressed on for another half an hour and then quit the movie. The macho arrogance, lack of story and constant vertigo-inducing shots made it insufferable.

It wasn’t a complete waste; out of our sheer disappointment was born the idea for revisiting pre-21st century films. So, in this series you will find my examination of movies made in the century in which movies were invented (nearly) to see how they’ve aged, at least 21 years on, now they’re old enough to pay taxes. This will not be a traditional review series of movies made decades ago as if they were new, but merely a look at them in today’s context to see how they hold up. As rule of thumb, they won’t be taken all that seriously.

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